Work-at-Home Office Decor Essentials

What makes a good work-at-home office? With small spaces, an organised office, or one that is otherwise amazing, becomes just as important as the actual work you do.

As an entrepreneur, I am constantly rearranging furniture, tossing or repurposing old and new items, and putting up creative spaces that allow me to feel inspired, on my own terms.

Whether your office is at home, in a shared space or a corner of a building you own, here are the work-at-home office decor essentials.


In a day of constant daylight, blue helps brighten up your space. Light is a main focus when you are working at home. If you are after a new lighting fixture, it might be worth visiting a light store in San Francisco for more gudiance. Alternatively, you may wish to use an overhead desk light to provide light and a place to set your laptop or take work breaks. Also, consider placing a bright customized neon sign on the walls like the ones you can get from that can not only add a hint of liveliness to the decor but also keep you alert and focused on the work. Think of designs that can remind you to stay productive like “Work Work Work” or anything else that suits your work style.

Cabinets & Walls

A well-organised workspace allows you to have control over your space. Use your cabinets and wall decor as an easy way to create a fresh and organised office. Choose and hang work-at-home office decor that fits your current decor, and later move it around, taking it out when you need space to store the extra knickknacks or an extra space to throw a lunch box.

Bright Office Accessories

Attractive colours help brighten up your office. And there are many ways to add a pop of colour into your space, from office accessories to the desk. Why not look at different chairs available and find one that really stands out from your desk? Some practical items to organise a desk like magnetic bulletin boards can also be filled with colour to brighten up the space.

Turn the Bedroom Into a Bedroom Office

If you have a home office, work from your bed. With a bed that has drawers, or a small desk, you can get to any items you need quickly, without having to search for it. Sturdy bed frames are essential so make sure you buy quality bed frames for long-lasting usage.

Fully Upcycle Your Bed

Make your bed as a work-at-home office space, or as a bed for anyone in your home who works from bed. Try it out and get creative, working on the bed when you work, and moving it around when you are done. Some tasks, which are classed as halfway between work and leisure, are in fact best completed in the lying-down position, like when you’re browsing for the best casino bonus.

In a small space, you can keep a work desk in a nightstand, and pull out the nightstand when it is no longer needed.

Organised Office Decor

Whether it is pencils, notebooks, pens or markers, a work-at-home office needs a well organised drawer. And turn your nightstand into a desk when needed, adding a shelf for a laptop and other small items, or a desk lamp for a brighter space.

Day desks or footstools help bring the past into your workspace, reminding you of the days when sitting at a desk was not a thing. You can place these in the middle of your work space, providing some extra seating to work with, and a place to relax and take work breaks.

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